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Preview our new website: portlandesl.com


Find an ESL Class:


Online resources:

    Students     Learn English in the Real World     Teachers     Refugee Backgrounders    

Volunteer to Tutor     Community News  Intercultural Calendar   Safe Space


Support Diversity: help with an ESL class or tutor a Student: Volunteer to Tutor    


Find an ESL Class near your home using the Map below:


*Enter a class name to search for it on the map. If you'd like to return to the main map, clear the search box and press "Search".


Click for a Larger Map


This Map includes ESL Classes that are in and around the Portland Area. Each class is unique and caters to different needs. Click on the marker for more information to that specific location.The colors relate to the type of site where the class is located:



*If the dot is filled, there is a class happening there now. If not, we haven't confirmed if there is currently a class happening.


To find an ESL location with the Google map:

  1. Click View a Larger Map. 
  2. Run cursor over markers and left click once to view more information about programs in each specific location.
  3. If the name of the program is blue, you can click on the name to visit the program's website for more information. 


Questions, Comments, Updates - Contact Portland ESL Network Administrator: Heidi.Dryden@gmail.com











Comments (2)

Troy Hickman said

at 2:30 pm on Jun 3, 2009

Ecumenical Ministries, Lutheran Community Services, and IRCO might have some programs for refugee kids:

I'm not sure if SUN schools will have summer programs, but maybe:

Barbara Page said

at 1:45 pm on Nov 21, 2009

Thanks for an amazing resource for the community! My suggestion is to add K-12 information. That way immigrant & refugee families and their advocates will be able to ensure that children are getting the ESL services that the public schools are required to provide to English Language Learners. Information about identification, placement, annual assessments, instruction and exiting might be useful. I'm a public school ESL teacher, and I'd be happy to help! The more the ESL community supports local schools and children the better!

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